We offer programs and services to meet the needs of every client.


Experiential Program In-Context (EPIC) uses the individual’s cumulative work, education, and life experiences to assist in charting a course that works for them in their context.


Seer Accreditation of Gifted Experience (SAGE) is a program to realize the fullness of human experience.

The EPIC proprietary method uses three components education, work, and life to support the client in his or her personal transformational journey. Outcomes include improved:

  • Workplace productivity and culture
  • New product lines and businesses
  • Career and academic satisfaction
  • Career and academic transitions
  • Progress towards ultimate goals and purpose
  • Personal and professional transformations
  • Enhanced experiences of life


EPIC for Individuals is run in an online cohort group and lasts 6-weeks with a weekly group session and weekly office hours for one-on-one individual consultation.

Pricing: Domestic: PKR 25,000 | International USD 149.00


The EPIC for Companies is run in a private cohort group for the benefit of the company. The program is customized after consultation with company leadership. Multiple employees are expected to attend and benefit.

Pricing: Contact for customized pricing based on need. On-site and online delivery options available.

In SAGE, participants completing the program get certified as a SAGE, which allows them to assist individuals or groups in EPIC. Outcomes include giving mentors/coaches new skills to help others to:

  • Fully benefit from life
  • Assist others in their transformation
  • Facilitate individuals or groups in EPIC
  • Be recognized and trained in the field of experiential learning


The prerequisite for entry to the SAGE program is successfully graduating from an EPIC cohort and passing the initial interviews and assessment for SAGE.

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