Q) Is it possible for me to take the diploma from outside Pakistan?

A) It certainly is possible but please keep in mind, that despite our international academic delivery providers, certain services of ours are designed keeping the local time zone and local context in mind.

Q) Is there any deadline for admission?

A) No there is no deadline, we take admissions on a rolling basis all year long. Remember this is your education plan tailored just for you.

Q) Is there any academic or other requirements?

A) There is no academic requirement for admission, however, every applicant must hold a legal and valid NIC, Passport, or other identification which attests that they are over 18 years of age.

Q) Is this diploma recognized by the Higher Education Commission?

A) We have pathways for diplomas and certificated that count towards degree requirements in certain universities, however, by and large, this pathway is for non-degree awarding certificates and diplomas. These courses are designed to teach you new skills, knowledge, values, and competencies, while also getting you ready to engage in your chosen industry or accomplish your other career goals.

Q) What is the guarantee that I will find work after the diploma?

A) Our diploma plans are carefully selected to give you the right skills, knowledge, and competencies to succeed in your chosen field. Our board has over 50 years of collective work experience in academia, consultancy, technology, business, and finance. We guarantee that if you earn a diploma certified by us, and follow our guidance, we will get you on the work ladder in under three months of graduation.

Q) Are there any subjects or fields that are not taught?

A) All subjects or fields of your interest are available subject to the initial consultation and subsequently presented to you in the Individual Education Plan. However, we reserve the right not to engage in education or skill development in certain fields until we deem necessary. For example, to bring on board the right academic delivery partners or industry partners to provide job placements post-diploma.

Q) Is it possible for me to take the diploma from any city in Pakistan?

A) Yes, it is, however you may be obligated to visit Islamabad once depending on the nature of your education plan for a written examination if applicable

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