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“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”

My Journey

Like many young men, I wanted to conquer the world, and like many young men, I was unable, for long, even to overcome myself. On my journey to middle age, I spent tremendous time and energy in formal teaching jobs and scholarly learning roles – doing good, increasing rank, and collecting accolades. But in-between I also wasted years in dangerous diversions and unhelpful distractions. I restricted myself and escaped from being all that I honestly could be — free, happy, and contributing.

Find the Beauty of the Soul

The mistakes I have made are a small part of me, learning from them, growing, and beating them is the bigger whole of what makes me who I am today. By doing so, I am no guru perched on a mountain-top to whom pilgrims may come looking for wisdom. I am a real person, genuine, sincere, flawed, and someone to journey with as you discover your inner self.
If you have a problem, peer behind the mirror, find your truth and your lies. Discover your fragility. Wonder at your irrationality. Find the beauty of the soul, see your ability to recognise the light, and make sure no one deprives you of it. If at the end of your introspection, you find your purpose and meaning in life, and you know what it will take to make the first step? Then go for it. Hurray!

PhD Scholar

My counselling and psychological influences began with Experientialism and Existentialism. A person-centred theory that utilises your life experience and innate knowledge, your bodily felt wisdom, and the human relationship to facilitate emotional, cognitive, and behavioural change in you. Nowadays, my practice has started leaning more towards mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. Other familiar theories from which I work include transactional analysis, attachment theory, and ecological approaches. While currently a PhD scholar at the National Institute of Psychology I also did a postgraduate certificate in Neuroscience.


Regardless of the theoretical allegiance, I bring as a therapist the presence of being and well-being, nurturing, compassion, empathy, charisma, personality, inspiration, sincerity, vibrancy, confidence, serenity, and self-discipline. My technique is unimportant as compared to empathising as a human and forging a relationship with the client. In our relationship, I will do my part, but you must do yours. Because only you have the most significant power to change yourself. My commitment is to your growth and my own. There is a spiritual transcendence to the work we will do together, of transformation and understanding, piecing together the mysteries of lives.
Best wishes,
Haider Ali Shishmahal
Ed M, PG Cert, B.Ed, BSc, APA, ACA,


  • No-judgments ethical listening.
  • Existential well-being counselling.
  • Mindfulness.

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