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“Our programs are supported on three pillars, work, life, and education.
We are unique in using the client’s experience of living to assist them in achieving personal transformations.”

Haider Shishmahal, Founder

Haider Shishmahal, CEO/Founder

Haider is the founder and CEO of SEER LIFE. He spent his life learning the methods, techniques, philosophies now refined, developed, and coded into the company’s programs. By tapping this pure nature of human experience, he accomplished becoming proficient in the multiple fields of education, psychology, counseling, design, and technology. He graduated from Harvard University and established his career in teaching and learning. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with a partnership in PixelArt Games Academy (Pvt. Ltd) and the Afterhours Therapy consultancy. He founded SEER LIFE to help others co-create shared abundance and achieve transformative outcomes.

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